Michele Bachmann - Lying about Her Law Degree

"Michele Bachmann's Campaign Biography page makes the claim:

"After earning her law degree, she went on to the College of William and Mary to get an LLM in Tax Law"

Um ... there are TWO huge problems with that lie.  

  1. William and Mary does NOT now and never has offered an LL.M Degree in Tax Law.
  1. The ONLY LL.M Program that William and Mary offer is for "Foreign Students" ... Non U.S. Lawyers ... William & Mary's ONLY LL.M program is titled: "LL.M in American Law." not Tax Law.

William & Mary only offers a FEW tax law classes and they do not offer a Degree in Tax Law.

So, either Michele Bachmann is NOT an American Citizen and went to William & Mary and got an LL.M because she was Foreign Student.

Or ... she is just a big fat liar."

Waiting for justice!